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Setting Up A Business In Canada

June 20, 2023

Canada is one of the most attractive places to invest in the world. It has the world’s ninth-largest economy with a stable legal and regulatory system. In addition to its traditional strengths in mining, energy, forestry and agriculture, it also has a large financial industry and is an increasingly important player in artificial intelligence and related sectors.

To guide foreign mid-market business owners looking to set up business in Canada, we have assembled a select group of professional service providers who are available to provide expertise in key areas. The professionals identified in this article understand what it takes to achieve success and growth in the Canadian market and have expertise in many areas including the following:

• business structuring;
• acquisitions;
• regulatory requirements;
• tax;
• immigration;
• financing and banking;
• buying and leasing real estate;
• intellectual property; and
• accessing available governmental resources

Our professionals take the time necessary to learn about a business and tailor their approach to the client’s needs. They have the skills and experience necessary to ensure foreign companies entering the Canadian market start with a strong foundation for long-term success.

The case study is intended to show just a few of the ways in which our team can assist a business that is expanding to Canada.

Read the full case study HERE