The Truth Behind Mission, Vision and Values in Professional Services

By Lisa Hegedus

In February 2021, Houser Henry & Syron LLP (“HHS”) wrote about Living and Breathing Client Service for PM Forum Magazine.  In that article, the firm defined the fundamentals of client service and how it helps long term clients succeed.

This article focuses on a unique approach, which is embraced by the entire team at HHS, resulting in this Toronto based law Firm’s success. 

Our boutique Firm of 11 employees, provides legal services to mid-market Canadian and foreign private businesses, helping them deal with complex legal challenges, to grow and to manage risk successfully. The Firm’s success, however, revolves around its strategic, but thoughtful, mission, vision and values.    

What is unique about HHS values?  Houser Henry & Syrons’ values start within the Firm itself, with a collaborative and respectful workplace and translates into excellent client service. With respect for one another a priority, a strong team leads to strong client results.  These values are embedded in its everyday processes and celebrated daily.  The Firm prioritizes teamwork, trust, and mutual respect and is governed by what it has coined as CRIISP values, being Collaborative and Respectful to one another, ensuring everyone is Invested and Improving processes and efficiencies, and ensuring a Strategic and Practical approach. These values set the tone for the Firms’ culture and aligns with its client service.

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