Houser Henry & Syron LLP Spotlight

By Lisa Hegedus

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The Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc. (CGCIC) is an organization that supports Mid-Market German businesses starting and growing in Canada.

Houser Henry & Syron LLP (HHS) sat down with Lukas Kirstgen, Department Manager, Legal and Tax at the CGCIC to ask about the organization’s experience with the firm.

1.Tell me how long you have worked with HHS and how the firm supports your organization?

We have worked with HHS since 2016, and over the last 7 years the firm has supported our team and our clients with corporate legal services including preparing and reviewing agreements, maintaining corporate records, corporate filings, incorporations, and employment matters.

2.Why do you and your clients enjoy working with the firm?

The team members at HHS are a pleasure to work with. They are quick to respond to our inquiries and questions and provide simple, plain English explanations.

Also, the fee structure is fair and reasonable. There are no surprises, and we are kept informed if there is a delay in the progress of a file that could lead to increased fees.

3. What do you look for from an advisor?

First off, the CGCIC focuses on serving the mid-market and we are dedicated to helping these businesses succeed. HHS is similarly focused and therefore, the partnership is a perfect match.

We also look for partners who are genuinely concerned about our interests! Recently, Alexander Levy, partner at HHS, met with one of our senior team members Goetz Milcke for coffee to gain an understanding of a matter in progress. This chat brought focus to our work and showed a personal investment of time in our working relationship.

4. Tell me about a recent experience with HHS and the outcome.

The CGCIC required a thorough review and overhaul of an employment agreement.  Alexander Levy who worked on this matter, took time to ask relevant questions for clarification pertaining our needs, provide explanations for all updates and validated reasons from a legal perspective behind the updates required.  We felt well taken care of and confident implementing the new agreement internally.

5. What are HHS strengths and how do they deliver value?

HHS is a dedicated and determined law firm that has the expertise to take on any business challenge and deliver results.  We feel the HHS team has three core competencies which are responsiveness, attention to detail and clear communication. 

They are also invested in their relationships and take time to understand the client’s business and goals. Relating to the experience noted above, Alexander Levy made himself available upon request and genuinely wanted to understand our needs and requirements.

Finally, from our point of view, HHS delivers value through various programs such as informative webinars and topical content like their Mid-Market Report. They are invested in a memorable client experience and conduct regular surveys and after-action interviews to elevate their service. They also offer advanced business solutions for clients such as online minute books, DocuSign, various methods for payment and virtual meetings.

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