Naomi Sheppard
Naomi Sheppard

Director of Operations

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How Naomi supports our team

As Director of Operations, Naomi is focused on the performance of the firm; managing day to day operations and advancing the firms strategy.

Naomi’s experience is driving change through best practices, people development and leveraging technology to facilitate improved efficiency and performance.  Ultimately enabling us to deliver a personalized and value-conscious service to our clients.

Prior to joining the firm Naomi had a successful tenure with one of the top 5 UK Banks: Barclay Bank UK.

Naomi's passion

Naomi is passionate about delivering business priorities; understanding what an organization has in terms of talent, technology and clients and planning for the future to deliver sustainable growth.

A personal perspective

Naomi enjoys baking for friends and family. With a background in engineering she is detail orientated and loves the scientific aspect of baking. She enjoys the process of finding a new recipe and adjusting the ingredients to suit need, taste and flavor. Thankfully, she is also a keen runner which helps burn off the calories!