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Make Your Mark

At HH&S, we prioritize understanding your goals and aspirations, and foster an environment that supports your professional development.
Join us and unleash your potential in a cohesive team where your ideas are heard, your gifts are nurtured, and your achievements are celebrated.

We offer an inspiring work environment where you are immersed in the practice of business law through a wide range of assignments and opportunities to interact directly with our experienced lawyers and clients.

If you are a passionate learner with an achieved academic distinction, a keen eye to detail and can analyze and propose practical solutions to business challenges, we want to meet you!

What Sets Us Apart


Availability, Active Listening, Reflection.

Intriguing Work

Monotony has no place here.

Ever Evolving

Embracing every lesson.

Professional Development

We invest in your growth.

Hybrid Work Orientation

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Work-Life Balance

We value your well-being.

Work & Play

Events, events, events.

A Champion for a Better Workplace

Our Success is Your Success!

Building Relationships

Human connection is everything.

Vibrant Firm Culture

Your chosen family.

Community Impact

Our duty with honour.



Availability, active listening, reflection.

Immediate Practical Experience

Leave your textbooks behind.

Integrated Values

A culture of dialogue, trust and teamwork.

Get Involved

We never take a client meeting alone.


Feel comfortable and confident sharing your ideas.

How many students are hired?

We are a small team, and want to ensure the best possible experience and therefore typically make one student offer.

When are 2L students hired?

We abide by the LSO guidelines for student recruiting in Toronto. Offers are made in early November.

How long is the summer term?

Our summer program runs for 12 weeks, from May to August.

Will I be offered an articling position?

While it isn’t a guarantee, that is our goal.

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer working as a law student at HHS! ...

Working as a summer law student at Houser Henry & Syron LLP & Syron LLP (HHS) ...

I started my legal career at HHS ...

We check all the boxes!

Current Opportunities.

We check all the boxes!

Current Opportunities.