Shareholder Agreements & Disputes

In a closely held company, relationships need to be carefully managed. When differences arise, we use skill and sensitivity to help you navigate through your relationships and preserve the value of your business. Our carefully-drafted shareholder agreements enable you to manage relationships and avoid or resolve disputes. These agreements also serve as a road map for critical decisions on financing, dividing profits, selling, succession and transferring shares.

We will gather your input, keep you informed on our progress or challenges that arise.  We will always represent your interests faithfully and maintain a respectful manner in our dealings with all parties.

Michael helped us navigate successfully through the delicate and sometimes challenging process of ironing out a new shareholder’s agreement. His ability to work diplomatically with the stakeholders, find common ground and keep everyone focused on the end objective proved invaluable to achieving a positive outcome.
Mark Coutts
Certified Financial Planner, Coutts Financial Services Inc.