Professional Partnerships & Corporations

Are you a lawyer, accountant, doctor, dentist, engineer, or architect who devotes so much attention to serving clients or patients that you neglect the management side of your practice? Or perhaps you simply avoid the business aspects because you don’t enjoy it.

As a professional, you must wear many hats: employer, tenant, marketer, director, partner and business leader. All these roles determine your success. Our team will help you to set the right course for the fundamentals of your practice, so you can focus on what you love doing most.


When we decided to update our partnership agreement to accommodate our future growth, we turned to the team at HHS. They understood our vision and our needs. They crafted a secure, smart and comprehensive agreement.
Gordon Lee
Managing Partner, Yale & Partners LLP
As busy professionals we focus our efforts on our clients and their needs. We also realize the importance of laying the proper foundation for future success and security. We turned to HHS on our partnership agreement, so we could ensure a solid underpinning for our business and allow us to continue focusing on our clients.
Stephen Green
Senior Partner, Green & Spiegel LLP