Plain English Expertise

Effective contracts are the basis for solid business relationships. Our focus is not only the details included in a contract, but how to convey those details clearly and effectively.

Unfortunately, legal jargon clouds the meaning of many contracts and other documents. If you are ever baffled by legal language, please send us the contract or document and we would be happy to “translate” it to understandable and simple English.

Plain English Expertise - Simplify

The Houser Henry & Syron LLP team incorporates many techniques to achieve this goal. Simply put, we use guidelines! Clients, local or international, deserve plain English (language) communication from legal advisors. The benefits of plain English contracts are both tangible and intangible:

  • Plain English gets a message across in short timelines
  • Clients understand the message
  • Reduced time spent explaining details in a contract
  • Document instructions helps clients understand how to read contracts

Plain English contracts can save time, money and confusion. We strive to provide above average service to our clients and audiences.

Should you require assistance translating a business contract, please contact our team at 416-362-3411 or inquire below.

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