Mergers & Acquisitions

You need a legal team that runs a deal efficiently, adapting with agility to respond to your unique needs, rather than replicating actions from the last client’s deal.

M&A work can be tricky – you never know which advisors are on the other side of the deal. Without the right counsel by your side, unknowns can make the process difficult and lengthy for you. We guide you efficiently and collaboratively through due diligence reviews, negotiations, financing, document drafting and closing. Throughout the process, we offer agility and responsiveness as your lean, non-bureaucratic team.

With its recent acquisition of the Infitrak business, Mesa has now expanded its footprint into Canada. This is an exciting time at Mesa, but when faced with navigating the legal differences between the US and Canada, I feared the acquisition could be a daunting task. It was very reassuring having Houser Henry & Syron as part of Mesa’s acquisition team. With its breadth and depth of experience in handling transactions of this type, HH&S was a strategic partner to Mesa in getting this deal closed. Its professional staff quickly evaluated our needs, and responded with timely, practical, and effective counsel and advice, freeing us up to focus on the bigger picture. Houser Henry & Syron will continue to be our “go to” law firm as we grow our business in Canada.
Helene Leone, General Counsel
Mesa Labs