Embedded In House Corporate Counsel

Offering a New Service to Build Your Success!

Houser Henry & Syron LLP has launched a creative solution, designed to help you seize opportunities or tackle problems promptly and efficiently.

Traditionally, companies have called on outside law firms when a problem or an opportunity has become too difficult or large to manage internally.

This approach often means legal counsel is too late to deal proactively and cost effectively with opportunities and challenges.

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Embedded Corporate Assistance
As a fresh alternative, our firm offers embedded corporate assistance on a monthly or alternative regular basis at an agreed rate.

The frequency and format are tailored for each client. For some, we attend regular executive meetings or for other clients, we schedule a regular day, such as the first Wednesday morning of the month.


On-site or Off-site Legal Counsel
We can provide legal advice on-site or remotely. Whatever the preferred frequency or format, our role is to discuss, analyze and help business owners and executives seize opportunities and tackle problems at an early stage.

Our discussions can range from buying a new business or preparing for a transition, challenging HR issues, new distribution agreements, selling or developing real estate and more.

Our embedded in house corporate counsel can reduce the demands on your team members and allow them to focus more effectively on their designated roles.


If you are interested, we offer an initial trial period after which we can all pause and assess the benefits and if needed, adjust the approach.

For a discussion on how this could benefit your company, please contact Michael Henry at MHenry@houserhenry.com or 416-860-8021.