Condominium Law

If you’re the head of a condominium corporation or the owner of a corporate, commercial or industrial property, we will work side-by-side with you to help navigate a wide variety of complex legal transactions with accuracy, proactive due diligence and timely service. In addition, we will provide you with legal opinions, chair your AGMs and draft your alteration agreements.

Condo corporations are often faced with time-sensitive issues; we pride ourselves on nimble, responsive service and will respond to your call within 24 hours or sooner. We like to solve issues before they cause problems, keep you informed on the status of matters, and attend to every detail so that closings go through on time.

Call on us to regularly advise your condominium corporation’s boards of directors on liens, alteration agreements, requisitioned meetings, as well as amendments to declarations, by-laws, and rules, among many other topics. Leveraging technology, we deliver results while containing costs.


Working with a legal team that understands our business is paramount. HHS champions our needs and those of our client corporations and provides sharp, clear and well thought-out advice. Having HHS advising us means we know that from a legal standpoint we are covered, and that reassurance allows us to focus on our passion for the business at hand.
Harold Cipin
President, City Sites Management Inc.