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Doing Business in Canada

July 5, 2024


Business culture in Canada is different than elsewhere in the world. In Canada, business operators develop internal and external customer relationships to build trust, loyalty, and value. It is especially important to understand customers and their needs.

“Relationship selling” is a proven model in Canada. Sales and business relationships focus on the interaction between the buyer and the seller, rather than the price or details of the product. Furthermore, it is important to understand that each province has a unique approach on business operations.

To launch successfully in Canada, start by building your team of advisors, so that you can understand all the options on how to expand, and the benefits and consequences of each option. We recommend learning from your team about Canadian law.

Be flexible with your business plan. If the plan is not working, adapt quickly or your launch will become more stressful and more expensive and be less likely to succeed.

If a foreign business, determine early on who will run the operations in Canada. Whether you choose a known individual from your foreign business or a feet-on-the-ground Canadian to run your operations in Canada, the parent company must have constant oversight to ensure the expansion is successful. This is especially important in the first few years of expansion.

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