Name of company

Virox Technologies


Randy Pilon
President, CEO, Founder

Location of company

Oakville, Ontario

Virox Technologies Inc. is an innovative industry leader in the $20+ Billion Global Market for Cleaning and Disinfection products.  The organization continues to expand its business through our many industry leading partner companies who have acquired global rights to our patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology for specific disinfection market segments.  These segments include dental, veterinary, industrial, institutional, healthcare, education, dairy, animal grooming, aquaculture and medical device sterilization to name a few.

The mission of Virox Technologies is to equip the entire spectrum of global markets that are concerned with infection control with state-of-the-art antimicrobial technology in the war against germs.

We believe that there is no longer the need to compromise on efficacy of application, or to trade off for either personal safety or environmental integrity. By harnessing the cleaning and disinfecting powers of hydrogen peroxide for the first time, Virox Technologies has developed a new standard of performance.

How did you find your way to our firm?

My family are clients of the Scotia Private Wealth Team. This team is focused on caring for high net worth families in all financial aspects of their lives. One critical component of that is of course estate and tax planning. It was Scotia who suggested that I refer to HHS and Michael Henry to advise on our situation and prepare the requisite documentation.

What is important to you when choosing your legal team?

With the aforementioned in mind, it came with great comfort that Scotia recommended HHS as we felt this confident that we would be in very capable hands, knowing the clientele that Scotia Private Wealth manages and of course the obvious complexities in dealing with families and privately held companies.

What was your first impression of HHS

Although we viewed the Scotia Private Wealth recommendation as an endorsement of sorts, we needed to look beyond pure legal competency to the people as, ultimately to us, it is important to have the personal service and feel at ease as we discuss family estate and succession matters.

What is a key highlight of your experience working with HHS?

I would say the manner in which business is done.

Would you recommend HHS to others?

I have and will continue to do so.

Dealing with HHS was effective and efficient and on budget as it turns out. In fact, as a result I turned to HHS for an important corporate matter in late 2015 that required in restating a critical global licensing contract with a Fortune 500 company. The agreement was successfully executed in early 2016.
Randy Pilon
President, CEO, Founder