We are committed to supporting the well-being of those who live where we work.

Regent Park is Canada’s oldest and largest social housing development. According to Statistics Canada, more than 70% of its residents live below the lowest income category.  This poverty is especially hard for children and Regent Park has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada.  Although the neighbourhood is being redeveloped to improve homes and amenities, social problems persist.

We have made the following investments to help to improve this disadvantaged neighbourhood:

  • The Good Shepherd Refuge’s Breakfast Programme. This initiative is the largest breakfast programme in the Greater Toronto Area, serving over 1,300 meals per day. Members of our team volunteer every quarter to prepare and serve breakfast.
  • Summer Camps. We make donations to send children to summer camp. These children receive valuable mentorship while participating in activities, which build confidence and created lasting memories.
  • After School Programme. We also support after school programmes which provide a safe and enriching atmosphere for young children in Regent Park. Children, whose parents are often busy at work, receive much needed homework assistance, healthy snacks and the opportunity to participate in fun, skill-building activities.

We hope our clients and the broader community reach its full potential by finding practical ways to give opportunities and hope to those in need.