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2022: Mid-Market Report – Talent; Retention vs Acquisition – Crisis or Opportunity

May 31, 2022

Canada’s mid-market companies remain the engine of Canada’s economy. Yet the environment for mid-market businesses has become increasingly complex and uncertain. Facing significant new market constraints and challenges, a number of Canadian mid-market firms are finding opportunities to build resilience, explore new opportunities and grow their business. This report explains how they are doing it.

As the health crisis recedes, an economic crisis has emerged – fueled by supply constraints, rising inflation and economic turbulence. Canada’s mid-market CEOs are taking these challenges in stride. In fact, this year’s survey of Canadian mid-market CEOs suggests the balance sheet is only one way to measure success. More often, CEOs and leaders are focusing on the less tangible considerations and opportunities – the recruitment and retention of talent, the formalization of new workplace norms, the re-establishment of corporate culture, and the enhancement of the employee experience, to name a few.

Once again, our annual Mid-Market CEO Survey included a large cross-section of mid-market CEOs, Founders and Executives across virtually every business sector and in city centers across the country. This report provides a synopsis of their responses including comments on pivoting business models, supply and demand, inflation, and technology.  However, the main focus of this report is on the fight for talent, and the Future of Work.

At Houser Henry & Syron LLP, our focus is on helping mid-market companies manage and overcome their constraints while seizing the opportunities being created in this complex and uncertain marketplace. We hope this report provides some insights to help you navigate the big issues over the coming year.

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