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“We set out to revolutionize – and win – the war against microbes.”


“Solving the world’s most pressing quality assurance challenges is our calling.”

We’re a Different Kind of Law Firm.

Serving multiple generations of mid-sized businesses since 1934, we’re a progressive law boutique with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Much like our clients, we value collaborative, long-term partnerships, strategic advice and highly engaged teams. Not to mention the value of doing business in plain English.

Be aware of legal risks and opportunities. We offer helpful and customized seminars and webinars on topics such as:

  • Employment Law
  • Product Liability
  • Doing Business in Canada
  • Buying & Selling a Business
  • Directors & Officers Duties and Liabilities
  • How Cannabis Legislation Affects Employers/Employees
  • Canadian Farm Implements Legislation

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We continue our survey of Mid-Market Business CEOs and Owners. The second edition of our survey is here and CEOs Speak on Trade & Regulation.

Our firm is a proud champion for Mid-Market Business CEOs and Owners in Canada.

Read the full report here.

Should you require assistance translating a business contract, please contact our team at 416-362-3411 or inquire here.

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