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“We set out to revolutionize – and win – the war against microbes.”


“Solving the world’s most pressing quality assurance challenges is our calling.”

We’re a Different Kind of Law Firm.

Serving multiple generations of mid-sized businesses since 1934, we’re a progressive law boutique with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Much like our clients, we value collaborative, long-term partnerships, strategic advice and highly engaged teams. Not to mention the value of doing business in plain English.

Plain English Contest Winner

We would like to thank all entrants for their submissions to our Plain English Contest. Our winner, unanimously selected by our judging panel, is Greg Ioannou.

Greg receives the $2,500 prize for his book contract that is written in plain English while also being legally effective/binding in the Province of Ontario. Congratulations Greg!

Tackle business challenges and opportunities proactively with our new embedded in-house or remote corporate counsel services.

Our new Embedded In-House Corporate Counsel Services will allow client team members to focus on their own designated roles.

Embedded In-House Corporate Counsel frequency and format is tailored for each client.

Embedded In-House Corporate Counsel discussions can range from buying a new business or preparing for a transition, challenging HR issues, new distribution agreements, selling or developing real estate and more.

Embedded In-House Corporate Counsel is a creative and responsive solution designed for mid-sized companies. Discuss details with Michael Henry at mhenry@houserhenry.com.

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