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What do you want from your law firm?

Do you want them to be focused on your needs rather than their own or to treat you so well you feel as though you are their only client?

Houser Henry & Syron is that kind of firm. A Toronto-based, boutique Canadian business law firm that has served mid-sized clients since 1934, we offer privately owned businesses and Canadian subsidiaries of foreign companies the services they need to grow and thrive. We also provide estate planning to individuals and families.

Our focus is one hundred percent on our clients, our approach, quite different than other law firms.

Our lawyers respond to client requests quickly - often within an hour, always within a day. Our lean size means fewer layers, less process and more attention. It also means we do not generate excessive billable hours others often do by piling unnecessary people on your business.

Working with Houser Henry & Syron is like having in-house counsel available when you need it. We provide high-quality, legal advice that is both practical and strategically sound. Equally important, it is easy to understand and not drowning in legalese.

Our track record speaks for itself. More than eighty percent of our clients have been with us for over five years, many beyond 25 years. If this is your kind of law firm, please contact us.



Please note our new address:

145 King Street West, Suite 2701

Toronto ON M5H 1J8

Be sure to drop by for a visit and see our new home. We're excited and proud to showcase our new space.


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